Paula Choi

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"harness your dynamic centre through nurturance and sustainability"

Hi, my name is Paula and I am a holistic manual therapist and instructor from Australia. Since attaining my acupuncture degree from UTS Sydney in 2001, I have been exploring other modalities and have expanded my knowledge base with qualifications in aquatic bodywork, sound healing, tai chi and hatha yoga.

The methods I share are about helping individuals connect with their dynamic centre by supporting their health foundation. All my exchanges aim to promote harmony within the mind-heart-body complex and to support wellness at all stages of life. My sessions are shaped by the wisdom of Oriental medicine, aquatic awareness, restorative sounds and are infused with remedial movement. 

S. Koureas, Indonesia

I participated in Paula's Tai chi class and by the end I was feeling so grounded and light . This class intrigued me to explore my healing journey with Paula. I later took a sound healing session where I mentally travelled to another planet, full of so many colours. But most importantly at the end of the session so much of my stress, anger and sorrows released. Later in the day I also experienced Paula's aquatic bodywork. An amazing experience in the water, as your body is set free and becomes super flexible. The finale was the acupuncture and cupping, resulting in immediate positive effects. With no exaggeration I could sleep like a baby all night, feeling completely rejuvenated. I returned for the exact same therapy a month later, having once again the same and even better results. The magical hands of Paula did it once again. Thank you Paula for such a life changing experience in a very short time. Your passion, professionalism and expertise are compared to none.

V. & R. Reboul, France

Remy and I had such a wonderful experience with Paula in our various sessions. Yoga was amazing. I was against Acupuncture before our session as my previous experience was so bad and painful. With Paula, I felt no pain and had good results, I can sleep like a baby now. And an other amazing experience was the Aquatic bodywork, I felt like a baby in the womb, full of peace and indescribable sensations. Thank you Paula, you are such a wonderful person and so professional.

E. Cuthrell, USA

I am so grateful to have found Paula. My teen daughter and I had multiple sessions with her which helped us immeasurably. She is an extraordinary acupuncturist who immediately puts you at ease with her intelligent open manner. My daughter had never had Acupuncture and was anxious and very apprehensive going into her first appointment. An hour later, she calmly floated out smiling, easeful and immediately asked if she could book another. Paula brings an attentive, intelligent, curiosity to your issue — she asks thoughtful questions that come from her decades of eastern and western medical practices and study and also from mindfully listening to you. She looks to find the root of your problem so she can treat the cause, not only the symptoms.  Paula also has excellent follow-through. After my appointments she sent me multiple emails and diet suggestions to address other underlying issues she identified.  It’s important to add — my daughter and I never felt a single needle! Needless to say, I strongly recommend Paula’s services to anyone seeking treatment for any condition. You’d be very lucky to have her brilliant skilled attention. She is one of those rare practitioners that you find and hope to always have in your life.

Dr M. Stenglin, Australia

My relationship with Paula began many years ago when she became my Chinese Medicine practitioner. Up to that point in my life, I had never had acupuncture as I was a needle phobic. I soon found myself booking in for acupuncture with her on a weekly basis and she was superb. I felt extremely privileged as her client as I was always the beneficiary of her quest for new found knowledge. I was therefore not surprised when I learnt that she was developing expertise in another field, Aquatic bodywork. Nothing could have prepared me for the profound sense of relaxation that permeated my entire being after my first aquatic bodywork session. I was in such a deep state of complete and deep relaxation. It was an extremely wonderful experience and one I will never forget! Similarly, Paula decided to teach Yoga some time ago and what a superb teacher! She puts so much love, care, professionalism and expertise into her practice - her demonstrations were clear, she provided many important tips alongside watchful corrections to my posture. Paula is an extra-ordinary health practitioner!! She goes above and beyond. She is passionate about everything she does and her impact on my health and well being has been life changing! 

L. Kieburtz, USA

I have been practicing yoga for almost 11 years. I’m 51 and not all yoga is "good for me". What an amazing find!! Paula's style of yoga incorporates other energy-based practices for an invigorating, strengthening and balanced workout. She is serious about her practice and leads a safe instruction. Paula is thoughtful, friendly and has a firm handle on what she is teaching. I would recommend her to anyone interested in expanding their practice. Thank you Paula, for bringing your unique style to the world. You are an inspiration!

Dr R. Stocker, Australia

I got to know Paula when she introduced me to acupuncture. I never forget that first session and the profound impact it had on my body as I left the clinic. I was so relaxed and in a trance-like state! More than 10 years onward, I still have acupuncture on a regular basis . . I had a similar and wonderful experience with yoga classes taught by Paula. Paula is not "just" a fantastic acupuncturist and yoga teacher, but a wonderful therapist and human being. She is extremely professional, always well prepared, and someone who listens and responds to and greatly cares for her clients. Her many strengths include her extensive knowledge, the ability to generate an environment of trust, to live what she practices and to be humble and always cheerful. Paula certainly has had a most positive and lasting impact on my life and health, and I am sure that others feel similarly "touched" by her.