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"harness your dynamic centre through nurturance and sustainability"

Hi, my name is Paula and I am a holistic manual therapist currently based in Bali. Since attaining my acupuncture degree from UTS Sydney in 2001, I have been exploring other modalities and have expanded my knowledge base with qualifications in aquatic bodywork, sound therapy, tai chi chuan and hatha yoga.

The methods I share are about helping individuals to connect with their dynamic centre by supporting their health foundation. All my exchanges aim to promote harmony within the mind-heart-body complex and to support wellness at all stages of life. I have a particular interest in "middle-age" wellness and psychosomatics. My sessions are shaped by the wisdom of traditional east asian medicine, restorative sound therapy and infused with remedial movement knowledge and aquatic awareness.

My hope is to share what I have learnt to support you on your health journey.  I travel globally with my skills and welcome any enquiries you may have, wherever you are on this beautiful planet.   Thank you for visiting!